Seminars in June 2019

Why did I choose this profession?
Why am I unable to discuss certain things with my (grand) parents? And why am I afraid of the conflict?
Why am I involved in issues of human rights, peace, refugees or reconciliation?
Why can’t I let go off some issues?
What does my family and my past have to do with the decisions I make in the present?

Christoph Pinkert and I invite you to join us to discuss these questions and to find exciting (new) answers: In two seminars, we create a trusting and protected framework to individually and collectively address these (and other) questions.

Past and Present

In the one-day introductory seminar, we will present the basics of epigenetics, biography work and transgenerational trauma work. We will discuss the implications of these for the way in which our personal and professional pathways have evolved as well as our responsibility for the next generations. Answering these questions is crucial for individuals and institutions working on democracy promotion, human rights and peace work, as well as memory and history work.

My past and my present

In a subsequent two-day training, we will concretely apply the learning from the previous seminar to the realities of participants. Here the focus will be on the intensive study of one’s own biography.
We will invite you to reflect upon your personal and professional prioritiess and support you to mage courageous changes. and support you to make courageous changes.

Possible contents

• My story and “my issues”
• “My issues” in the context of my family and previous generations
• “Family secrets”, taboos & myths about my own family
• Acceptance of family history and clarity about one’s own path
• Internal resources and blockages
• Resilience


The seminar will be based on the concrete needs and interests of the participants. We will work with methods from gestalt, art and body therapy, theater pedagogy, systemic structure constellations as well as meditation and relaxation techniques.


Antikriegshaus Sievershausen
Kirchweg 4 A, 31275 Lehrte/Sievershausen


150€ for introductory seminar & 350€ for 2-day training. When booking both seminars, the costs are reduced to 450€ in total. Lunch and dinner as well as drinks are provided and are included in the price. There are two “solidarity seats” available – please contact us for further information.


1-day seminar: 20.6.2019
9: 30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
2-day training: 21.-22.6.2019
9: 00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


Until 9th ​​May 2019 by email:


Dr. Cordula Reimann works as a trainer, coach, mediator and lecturer in conflict transformation and development cooperation and on issues of personality development, biography, trauma, interculturality, conflict and gender. and

Christoph Pinkert is active as a peace pedagogue, researcher, trainer, consultant and lecturer. He works on topics of transcultural and inter-religious conflict transformation. and