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The paradox of solitude and loneliness

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Do you enjoy being alone? Are you often lonely? Regardless of how you answer these questions, I would like to offer you some new ways of seeing them.

A conscious and mindful life and experience of solitude is the best way to prevent loneliness.

Based on interviews with 150 people worldwide as well as findings from international loneliness research, philosophy, sociology and political science, this book encourages you to embrace solitude and loneliness as important companions in life.

Solitude and loneliness are not only personal feelings, but also social and political phenomena.

How we deal with both says a lot about us as post-modern society and about our values and human needs for connection and belonging – not only in times of Corona.


“Loneliness is not a disease. Chronic loneliness – silently accepted by communities as individual failure – results largely from decisions and changes undertaken by governments and socio-political developments. How we as a society deal with loneliness and solitude reflects our attitude to life and our understanding of democracy and public participation”

(p. 123)
Cordula stellt ihr Buch Das Alleinsein Einsamkeit Paradox vor
Cordula stellt ihr Buch Das Alleinsein Einsamkeit Paradox vor
Cordula stellt ihr Buch Das Alleinsein Einsamkeit Paradox vor


A strong intellectual analysis of the place of solitude and loneliness in society

This book provides a comprehensive appraisal of the intersecting phenomena of loneliness and solitude in contemporary societies. While it will offer insight to individuals reflecting on their experiences of being alone, it is almost unique in its attention to the social and cultural underpinnings of loneliness, showing that the way in which loneliness manifests in society is a mirror of society itself. Amongst many important arguments, Cordula Reimann amplifies the ideas of Hannah Arendt that effective political action in the world requires solitude. She argues that, paradoxically, learning to be alone is essential for individuals trying to avoid the debilitating effects of chronic loneliness. There isn’t a better book on this subject out there!

(Daniel Paul)

A thought provoking and insightful read.

I greatly enjoyed the bringing together of the author’s story, the wide range of interviews from people around the world, and the academic rigor. It was a pleasure to read and gave me an opportunity to self reflect and discuss this important topic of loneliness with friends and family.

(Olloriak Sawade)

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