Trainings on

• conflict analysis, conflict sensitivity/Do no Harm (DnH), Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP), impact
• Trauma sensitivity / transgenerational trauma
• strategy in peacebuilding
• gender analysis
• conflict transformation theory
• storytelling
• non-violent communication

Planning & strategic design

• of short- and long term projects and programs in development cooperation, human rights and peacebuilding

Facilitation/moderation of

• small and large group discussions, seminars, trainings & workshops on themes of peacebuilding,
   globalization and international cooperation
• public meetings on questions of public interest and concern
• strategy workshops & organizational development processes

Individual coaching & supervision on

• trainings and further education in peacebuilding and conflict analysis
• career development in peacebuilding
• “the who is who” in peacebuilding as theory and practice
• strategy design & decisions in peacebuilding
• organizational development processes

Feedback on

• country reports, mid-term reviews, conflict analysis and impact assessments
• training modules on human rights, peacebuilding, conflict sensitivity, gender mainstreaming
• National Action Plans (NAPs) on UN Security Council Resolutions on “Women, Peace and Security”
   (such as 1325 & 1820)

Mid-term review, assessments, evaluations

• of project, programmes in development cooperation, peacebuilding, gender and peacebuilding, women´s rights

Research on

• country, gender and conflict analyses
• current themes of international, political affairs
• best practices and lessons learned in the area of gender, conflict sensitivity and conflict transformation

Writing & editing of

• briefing & guidance notes on selective countries and themes in peacebuilding
• training modules on conflict sensitivity, conflict transformation, gender & peacebuilding

Presentation, university & public lectures, seminar/workshop inputs & speeches on

• current themes of international, political affairs
• latest international and regional discussions on gender & peacebuilding
   (such as UN SCR on “Women, Peace and Security” 1325-1960)
• selective themes in conflict & peace research and peacebuilding